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Happy New Year

1st January ….. we climbed Croagh Patrick!

for those of you haven’t climbed it.. its one for you to climb.. for those of you who have climbed it tons.. hats off to you!! I struggled.. there was several times where I wanted to give up.. like tons!! but I’m glad we didn’t, the view was amazing!

It got me thinking this models my christian life.. there has more loads of times where I thought life was difficult, being a christian was too hard, I wasn’t good enough.. but it was one of the best decisions I ever made..

Growing up I was surrounded my missionaries and always thought I wanted to be one but it never felt like the right time.. Life seemed to get in the way of plans.. I always wanted to go to Bible College but it never seemed like the right time.. again life seemed to get in the way.

Fast forward to 2016.. I meet a guy.. We get married… I go to Bible College for 4 years part time.. We apply to be part of a mission.. We get accepted… September 2019.. WE MOVE!!!

If I’ve learnt something from this.. its never in our time.. never the way we want things to turn out.. It’s all in Gods timing.. let him surprise you 🙂


Rachel, Andy & Ginger too

Hey guys … Welcome to our life as we start an amazing adventure

14th September saw us bid the wee town of Glengormley farewell.. and move to Claremorris.. the rather wet west coast of ireland

Why!?!?!? to spread the gospel of God’s love

As we don’t have a house yet… Ginger has moved back in with my parents.. but will be moving once we get sorted.. she is still very much part of this adventure 🙂